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Knowledge Is Power

Health and Safety Training

Wellbeing Champion Programme

Train wellbeing & mental health mentors in your workplace to improve awareness and access to support. The goal is to develop a workplace culture where mental health is understood, and wellbeing is actively supported.

We train key staff to identify mental stress, bullying or harassment; access appropriate care and support colleagues

Our Wellbeing Champion Programme is a practical mental health first aid workshop for individuals or workplaces in small groups of 6-10. This programme is delivered by a Doctor, Coach/Counsellor and Physiotherapist. Promotional and educational material is provided to share with your staff


The two half-day group workshops for champions cover the following topics

  • Identifying potential changes or mental health stress in colleagues or negative workplace interactions including an overview of mental health diagnoses, addictions and relevant medical conditions
  • Responding to mental health concerns of colleagues – Approaching, understanding and communication techniques
  • Appropriate actions in the workplace where bullying or harassment is possible or when colleagues are struggling
  • Accessing care, when and what – How to access appropriate care for the situation from crisis vs self-managed
  • Calming the nervous system – introduction to techniques to improve sleep, breathing and mindfulness
  • First steps in wellbeing promotion How to offer support or ideas to improve the good feelings in life with activities such as exercise, hobbies, journalling, music etc.

Manual Handling Leadership

Empower your supervisors and managers to understand manual handling injuries relevant to your business and work with your team to reduce pain, discomfort and injury risk.

The key difference from general manual handing training is that this course combines small group education with practical onsite manual handling advice to help your team feel better. Our physiotherapist visits your workplace to identify your main manual handing risks then trains your team to specifically manage these risks to reduce workplace injuries and lost time.


The focus of the leadership training is to improve understanding of manual handling risks relevant to your workplace, with improved ability to recognise sub-optimal techniques or risky movements. We want your managers and supervisors to feel confident to act on technique issues with simple, practical advice and support your workers to ensure your workplace minimises manual handling injury risk.


One half-day seminar and one practical worksite session covers the following topics:

  • Presentation covering manual handling risks and safe work principles including postures, body mechanics, lifting /bending techniques
  • Discussion of common workplace injuries and how to manage pain and discomfort to reduce injury likelihood
  • Discussion of injury prevention techniques and self-management strategies to improve body health
  • Observation of work tasks and discussion about your workplace risks including risk reduction techniques (onsite session)
  • Demonstration of optimal techniques for work roles including tips and pressure point identification of high-risk tasks or roles (onsite session)

Workplace Injury Response & Return to Work Planning

The way an injury is managed right from the initial incident through their return to work significantly impacts recovery, outcomes and costs.

This programme ensures your company has good systems and knowledge to respond to incidents or health issues fast with appropriate care. We train managers to support injured staff and be actively involved in workers rehabilitation and return to work process


One half-day workshop and two practical worksite sessions cover the following topics


  • Onsite training from our Occupational Health Doctor/H&S specialist to understand and confidently manage any relevant health conditions in your workforce (eg: Epilepsy, Deafness, Diabetes)
  • Incident response training to ensure appropriate care is accessed, complications are avoided, and injuries are managed well every time
  • Manager training workshop to improve confidence in their responsibilities to promote fast and safe return to work including follow up communication and workplace support guidance
  • Workplace Injury Management Policy consultation and development including:

            – Incident and first aid response protocol
            – Discomfort and pain management
            – Return to work support


Hemisphere Health strongly believes that knowledge is power. We strive to continually improve industry knowledge, understanding, and commitment to health and safety in the workplace. Health and safety paperwork isn’t enough to avoid penalties. Actively creating a culture of engagement in safe work practices is essential to make your company’s health and safety system work!

The Hemisphere Health team provide regular group seminars and training workshops for companies and the general public at their Richmond premises in their specialty areas of occupational medicine, rehabilitation and workplace health & safety.


We are happy to work with individual companies to develop targeted education sessions or training workshops, please contact us to discuss the opportunity to assist with your specific needs.