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Knowledge Is Power

Health and Safety Training


Hemisphere Health strongly believes that knowledge is power. We strive to continually improve industry knowledge, understanding, and commitment to health and safety in the workplace. Health and safety paperwork isn’t enough to avoid penalties. Actively creating a culture of engagement in safe work practices is essential to make your company’s health and safety system work!

The Hemisphere Health team provide regular group seminars and training workshops for companies and the general public at their Richmond premises in their specialty areas of occupational medicine, rehabilitation and workplace health & safety.


We are happy to work with individual companies to develop targeted education sessions or training workshops, please contact us to discuss the opportunity to assist with your specific needs.

Health Hazard Identification and Management

Common workplace hazards such as chemicals, sprays, dust, fumes, noise and vibration all have significant impacts on worker health. Improved understanding and appropriate management of hazardous substances is addressed in these seminars…

Injury Management and Manual Handling

Musculoskeletal pain and injury are known risks of physical labour and repetitive manual work. Awareness and improvement of work practices positively influences worker and company health. Company injury management systems significantly impact return to work outcomes! Understanding how to both reduce injury risk and improve return to work success is the focus of these sessions…

Health Promotion and Workplace Wellness

Issues such as managing the aging workforce, health surveillance rationale, mental health awareness, stress and fatigue management are all key topics for employers to understand and manage…

Occupational Diseases: Risk reduction and management

Occupational disease occurs due to hazardous exposures at work.

An example is respiratory disease from exposures to dust, fumes or gases, which is a real risk in many workplaces. Common work related health issues include asbestos related conditions, dermatitis, occupational asthma, chemical exposures, and many more we can help you and your workforce to understand and minimise. Seminars can be targeted to your identified hazards… 

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