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We care for your people and your business

Our Services

Workplace Wellness

– Counselling & Workplace Coaching
– Employee Assistance Service
– Wellbeing Champion Training
– Workplace Mediation
– Culture Reviews



Occupational Medicine

– Specialist Injury Management and Return to Work Leadership
– Fitness for Work assessments – medical and physical
– Pre-Employment screening – medical and physical
– Medicolegal assessments



Injury Management Clinic

– Early Intervention for Pain and Discomfort
– Doctor and Physiotherapist Return to Work Management
– Medical Certification
– Return to Work Policy Development




Injury Prevention

– Manual Handling Training
– Pre-employment Assessment
– Health Monitoring
– Ergonomic Office Setup
– Aging Workforce Support



How we care for your team

COACH your team to achieve a safe and healthy workplace

ASSIST to understand compliance responsibilities and legislations

REDUCE costs due to sickness and injury (ACC levies, fines and recruitment)

ENSURE effective management of hazards, risks, incidents and injuries

SUPPORT efficient recovery from injury or illness