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Health and Safety, Occupational Medicine, Workplace Wellness and Rehabilitation

Our Services

How we care for your team

COACH your team to achieve a safe and healthy workplace

ASSIST to understand compliance responsibilities and legislations

REDUCE costs due to sickness and injury (ACC levies, fines and recruitment)

ENSURE effective management of hazards, risks, incidents and injuries

SUPPORT efficient recovery from injury or illness

Health and Safety

Hemisphere Health provides expert health and safety training and support services to create and maintain effective systems that work for your business, saving costs and reducing injury and illness risk…

Workplace Wellness

Hemisphere health can help look after the health of your company, assisting to develop a workplace culture of happy, healthy and productive employees…

Occupational Medicine

Occupational Physicians provide independent medical assessments of a persons health conditions, fitness for work and the relationship between health conditions and work. Independent assessment is valuable for clarification in complex case management and return to work guidance for injured employees…

Injury Management Clinic

Hemisphere Health provides fast access to medical care and rehabilitation, often avoiding ACC levy loading and business costs of lost time injuries. We understand the systems and implications of injured workers on the company and work with you to support recovery and helping workers to remain in productive and meaningful work…

Injury Prevention

Hemisphere Health works with your business to ensure recruitment, induction and training are supporting workers to succeed physically and technically in their job. We train workers to be safe and alert in their roles to avoid mistakes…