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Injury Prevention

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Injury Prevention

Injuries & Illness Costs!

Injuries and illness cost company’s money both directly in wages, staffing, ACC levies and many other indirect costs.

 Hemisphere Health works with your business to ensure recruitment, induction and training are supporting workers to succeed both physically and technically in the job. We support workers to be safe and alert in their roles and avoid mistakes.

A workplace culture where discomfort and pain are managed proactively with open communication and workplace support means the likelihood of an injury is significantly reduced.

Comprehensive Injury Prevention Programme Inclusions

Consultation and Culture Review

Policy and Procedure Development for areas such as:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Fatigue management
  3. Manual Handling
  4. Induction and Training
  5. Health Monitoring

Quarterly Staff and Manager Training

Early Intervention Clinical Services – Counselling, Doctor and Physiotherapist




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