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Give your team the tools they need

Health & Safety Training

Knowledge is Power!

Get the best quality Health and Wellbeing training by Health Professionals in the know and take your health and safety to the next level!  Give your team the skills and knowledge they need to effectively support the mental and physical, health and safety of your staff.

Hemisphere Health run regular free seminars and panel discussions. Get tailored training to give managers the health and safety tools they need.

Mental Health First Aid

This brief training is an introductory session gives key staff the knowledge required to identify when mental health issues may be present and the tools to take appropriate action


Manual Handling Leadership

Empower your supervisors and managers to prevent injuries! Understand the manual handling injuries relevant to your business.  Give your supervisors the confidence to act on technique issues with simple, practical advice.  Delivered by a Physiotherapist in two sessions (one on the shop floor)  

Wellbeing Champion Programme

Train supervisors and managers in your workplace to improve mental health awareness and teach them how to act with confidence.  As a result they will have the skills to support employee mental health.

This practical programme is delivered over two or three sessions, and in small groups of up to ten staff.  The workshop format encourages real world solutions and problem solving

Injury Response & Return to Work Planning

The way an injury is managed right from the initial incident through to return to work, significantly impacts recovery, outcomes and costs.
Ensure your company has good systems and knowledge to respond to incidents or health issues fast with appropriate care. 
One half-day workshop and two practical sites visits


Trained staff and managers are essential to ensure effective health and safety management 

What is Wellbeing?

With the recent Wellbeing Budget and media attention, wellbeing has become a health & safety buzz word. 
What does this mean for you in your workplace?


PANEL DISCUSSION – Wednesday July 17th

Attend our upcoming panel discussion where Health Professionals will answer your questions and discuss some common case study examples. 

Find out how workplaces can have a positive impact on mental health!