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About Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine

Independent Medical Assessment

Occupational Physicians are specialists in independent medical assessment of a person’s health conditions, the relationship between health conditions and work, and a person’s ability to work due to a health condition.

Independent Medical Assessment is performed to clarify or assist with management of a person’s health conditions and their ability to work because of their health. They can involve paper based file reviews providing case insight and management recommendations, or may involve a face to face assessment and report.

Occupational Physicians also manage rehabilitation, pain and return to work. Their specialist role is to work with all stakeholders to facilitate communication, promoting a safe and sustainable return to work.

We work toward the best possible outcomes for individual workers and companies.

For Clients Attending a Medical Assessment

An Independent Medical Assessment is similar to a normal medical assessment; however the doctor doesn’t become your treating doctor. The assessment is thorough, so it will usually take an hour, or sometimes longer depending on the complexity of the situation.

The purpose of the assessment is to provide a report that clarifies your health issues, provides discussion around uncertainty, the treatment options, and to help your family doctor, employer or insurer make decisions about how to manage and treat your health issues.

The assessment will always aim to identify ways to improve your function in life, recreation and work.

Clinical Services

  • Specialist Injury Management and Return to Work Leadership
  • Fitness for Work assessments – medical and physical
  • Pre-Employment screening – medical and physical
  • Complex Case Management Facilitation and Communication

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