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Workplace Wellness

Employee Support Service

Confidential Mental health support from our Doctors, Counsellors and Workplace coaches for workers with stress, anxiety or other mental health issues that are affecting work attendance, safety or performance.


This is an EAP type contracted clinical service with initial workplace training that promotes your workers to maintain optimal mental health and access care early before an incident, recurrent absences or major employment issue develops.

Wellbeing Support Programme

A 12-week programme of individual and manager support – Combined Occupational Health Doctor and Counselling/Coaching input

Employer involvement with individual and facilitated group session to maximise effectiveness and achieve goals to improve workplace relationships and worker mental health and resilience

Workplace Mediation

A comprehensive H&S and HR support service if workplace mental health support and plans have failed and employment issues continue. This mediation service provides a neutral independent problem-solving approach to mental health issues affecting work. Clear action plans and timeframes are agreed upon and documented. May be supported by a specialist Medicolegal Case Review or Fitness for Work assessment



hemisphere health provides employee assistance for all mental, physical and medical health issues affecting work

Health & Wellbeing Support

What is Wellbeing?

At Hemisphere Health we believe that wellbeing (or being well) is about making choices and taking action to improve health and happiness. It’s simply about positive individual and community change!

We have Physiotherapists, Doctors and Counsellors to encourage positive meaningful changes in your workers lives.  

Poor employee health has wide ranging implications which impact negatively on all parties concerned, such as; Increased sick leave, higher injury rates, reduced productivity and increased staff turnover

Workplace wellbeing is when the workplace community is committed to supporting positive change at both a company and employee level.


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We are happy to discuss the process in detail with employers, workers, and insurers at any stage. Please email or phone us for more information and guidance!