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Staying well and productive in work

Workplace Injury Clinic

Injury Management & Return to Work

At Hemisphere Health, we have a team of Doctors, Physiotherapists and Counsellors to manage workplace injuries from start to finish. The way an injury is managed right from the initial incident through the return to work significantly impacts recovery, outcomes and costs! 

Help your workers remain productive at work and get fast access to medical care and rehabilitation, avoid ACC levy loading and the costs of lost time injuries. 

Pain & Discomfort Physio

Act early to prevent injury – service includes communication and advice for the employer to reduce injury and absence risk 

Rehabilitation for Workplace Injuries 

Doctor & Physiotherapist treatment, workplace communication and return to work guidance to reduce lost time and support a fast and safe recovery.

Medical Review & Certification

Health assessment by Doctor; providing the workplace with advice and recommendations on H&S issues, risks, work capacity and fitness for work

Workplace Injury Response & Return to Work (RTW) Planning

Injury Management and RTW Policy and Procedure development plus manager and first aider training in Incident response, care guidelines and how to support early return to work

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