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Workplace Wellness

Mental Health & Wellbeing

EAP Counselling Service

Confidential Mental health support from our  Counsellors for workers with stress, anxiety or other mental health issues that are affecting work attendance, safety or performance.   This is an EAP type contracted clinical service

Health & Wellbeing Medical Review

Physical and mental employee health assessment by Doctor; providing the workplace with advice and recommendations on H&S issues, risks, work capacity and fitness for work

Employee Coaching Programme

Package of six coaching sessions aimed at resolving issues and improving workplace performance.  Programme includes documentation outlining plans, steps taken, outcomes and recommendations 

Workplace Support Programme

A 12-week programme supporting a specific individual & manager where employment relationship or performance issues are a factor – Combined Doctor and Counselling/Coaching support to resolve issues and plan a pathway forwards as a team   

Get the support you need to improve worker mental health, wellbeing & workplace relationships