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Covid-19 Support

Occupational Physicians are Specialist Doctors trained in both medical and risk management disciplines. They are experts at looking after people in high risk work. The covid-19 pandemic poses a serious health hazard which requires health professional input. Hemisphere Health is a company who works exclusively with workplaces in the private sector and will continue to offer expert input at this time. Managing your workers' risks well is one of the best chances to keep your staff and the public safe along with ensuring your business remains operational.
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occupational medicine

Sensible and streamlined specialist medical care and rehabilitation, with your workplace and business in mind 

Workplace Wellness

Increase productivity and engagement in your workplace with improved communication and a visible, supportive Company culture.  Get fast access to mental health support for your team 

Injury Prevention

Strategies for successful recruitment, reducing ACC claims, costs and lost time injuries. Keep your team safe, engaged and working harder for you 

Injury Management & Return to Work

Stop the pain of workplace injuries! Are unfit medical certificates and lack of communication about your workers’ injuries or issues costing your business?