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Your complete health & wellbeing partner in the Nelson Tasman region


Workplace Physiotherapy | Pre-employment Medicals | HSWA compliant Health Monitoring | Mask Fit Testing | Workplace Doctor | Drug screening | Physio Workstation Assessments | Mental Health First Aid Training | Counselling | EAP

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…our staff have been for treatment after injuring themselves at work. The feedback has been very positive from everyone who has been there and there has been a reduction in the number of days that staff are off work.

Colin Brown – ITM Group Health and Safety Co-ordinator

We would like to express our satisfaction and gratitude for the exceptional service provided by Hemisphere Health.


Coming to our site, Hemisphere Health’s team are friendly and informed, enabling them to professionally educate any of our team and set them up for success.

Wanita Astle – Azwood Customer Services Manager

Workplace Injuries and Physiotherapy

Mental Health and Wellbeing


Health Monitoring

Medical Reviews

H&S Training

Mask Fit Testing

Workstation Assessments

How we care for your team

Hemisphere Health is your complete workplace health and wellbeing partner. We assess, promote and assist workplaces to manage worker health & safety.  We provide practical and cost-effective health, wellbeing and injury solutions for businesses and their people.

In today’s fast paced world full of productivity challenges, we can build the bridge between the worker and the workplace.  Offering direct communication with the workplace and prompt, effective support for your workers.  We can help you to keep your teams healthy, well and productive.  Our proactive approach can prevent small health and injury problems from becoming a BIG cost.

With success and experience supporting our clients in a variety of industries including transport, manufacturing, horticulture, food production and construction.  We are well placed to support a range of Nelson/Tasman workplaces meet their health and well being needs.

Hemisphere Health is a diverse group.  We are Specialist workplace Doctors, Physiotherapists, Counsellors & H&S Advisor, all working together as one team to help you understand and solve the health issues that can affect your staff.

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