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We are workplace health professionals who train and treat your team

Hemisphere Health provides a wraparound health and wellbeing service to take care of any physical and mental health issues that impact employee performance

Hemisphere Health solves workplace health problems before they cost

We pride ourselves on effective communication to help your managers and supervisors deal with workplace injuries and health issues early.

From expert H&S support and training packages achieving compliance to treating acute workplace injuries, Hemisphere Health cares for your people and your business.

occupational medicine

Occupational Physicians are specialists in independent medical assessment of a person’s health conditions, the relationship between health conditions and work, and a person’s ability to work due to a health condition.

Workplace Wellness

Our Health and Wellbeing programme provides tailored health education combined with access to specialist care and practical advice for physical, mental and medical health issues…

Injury Prevention

Injuries and illness cost company’s money both directly in wages, staffing, ACC levies and many other indirect costs…


Injury Management & Return to Work

Are unfit medical certificates and lack of communication about your workers injury or issue costing your business? Stop the pain of workplace injuries….

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Nelson Weekly/Waimea Weekly Best Emerging Business Award 2018
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