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Occupational Health Doctor / Workplace Medical Reviews

Supporting businesses in prevention.

Our Occupational Health Doctors and Specialist Occupational Physicians support businesses to prevent small health problems becoming big costs.

Get the professional medical support and communication your business needs to understand the health issues affecting your workers, and manage them with confidence.

Health and Wellbeing Medical Review

  • Worker medical assessment and communication to manage mental/physical health or injury issues affecting work attendance, safety or productivity
  • Doctor phone consultation with management prior to assessment
  • Clinical assessment to guide management recommendations for the worker
  • Brief report and phone call to employer with practical advice

Medical Fitness for Work Assessment

  • Appropriate when capacity or performance concerns are present in the workplace due to health or injury issues
  • Medical notes gathered with employee consent
  • Phone consultation between doctor and employer to understand issues and goals from the workplace perspective
  • Medical assessment undertaken in relation to the worker’s role demands
  • Doctor provides management advice, work restrictions and capacity including H&S advice, both in a report and verbally if appropriate
  • Can include a Physiotherapy Functional Assessment prior to FFW to objectively understand physical capacity (additional charge)

Medicolegal Case Review

  • Appropriate when a health issue has been impacting work capacity for some time despite workplace support and rehabilitation attempts
  • Worker consent to gather the medical notes is essential for this service
  • Comprehensive medical assessment undertaken in relation to the workers role, work capacity, both current and future to guide human resources actions such as potential role changes or medical incapacity or retirement
  • Occupational Physician performs a literature review, assesses the evidence and client history then provides an independent medicolegal report
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