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Pre-employment Medicals carried out by a Doctor and Physiotherapist.

Pre-employment Medicals carried out by a Doctor and Physiotherapist. They are tailored to your business and job role with the goal of reducing hiring risk, saving you potential time and money.

Heavy manual work and repetitive jobs require a high level of physical fitness and function to be successful in the role.

Case Study

A factory worker is hired. Two and a half months into the job they called in injured and went to their GP to make a workplace injury ACC claim for lifting boxes. They are signed off work unfit for 2 weeks. They go on to advise that the job is not what they thought it was going to be, resigning while still on ACC weekly compensation.

This scenario results in many issues for an employer:

  • Staffing and scheduling challenges with the worker off unfit
  • Another round of recruitment and training costs to replace injured worker
  • Ongoing ACC lost time injury. This will cost the company in their ACC levy loading for up to one year or until the worker resumes paid employment elsewhere.

A bad hire is very costly – Data estimates this is a minimum 20% – 30% of annual salary for staff turnover within 3 months, in this case at least of $10-15,000

This worker had reported back pain on their application questionnaire and had a generic pre employment medical. Unfortunately no one fully questioned or assessed the reported back pain & history, nor did they identify the potential mismatch between the job role tasks and the workers history.

What could the employer have done differently?

  • Chosen a Pre employment which assessed physical function and loading tolerance in line with the job role and tasks.
  • With assessment and questioning from an Occupational Physiotherapist, the history and functional limitations of the worker would have been understood.
  • Once the back issues were identified as a moderate risk for this role on pre employment assessment the company has the opportunity to communicate with the candidate prior to employment about the specific tasks and suitability of the role.
  • Employer can then choose to either avoid the risk in preference of a more suitable candidate or actively manage the risk with training, gradual conditioning to the job and workplace support to minimise risk and recruit for success.

What we do

Hemisphere Health assess candidate’s capacity to physically and safely undertake the tasks required for the proposed role – a functional job description must be supplied with referral request

Hemisphere Health provide Overseas / Fly in Fly out Pre Employment Medical service compliant with international standards which require a Doctor’s assessment to sign off the medical.

  • Medical history, examination by an Occupational Health Doctor
  • Functional/physical assessment for the specific role by a Physiotherapist
  • Doctor’s risk assessment in relation to the job role
  • Clear health and safety management advice to improve hire success
  • Prompt communication
  • Optional Drug and Alcohol testing in line with the employer’s Drug and Alcohol Policy (Optional)
  • Optional Baseline health monitoring (Audiometry and Spirometry)
  • Optional Mask Fit Testing if Respiratory equipment is required in the proposed role

What our clients say

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