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Masks & Mask Fit Testing

Get your team fit tested before you invest in gear that may not fit them!

Effective RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment)

When using RPE you must ensure that the following has been considered. Ask yourselves;

  • Is this fit for purpose? Will this mask filter out the particles myself or my workers are being exposed to?
  • Where does the mask need to be kept to remain free from contamination, both during and after shift?
  • How do I clean it? How often do I need to replace parts?
  • Does the mask fit properly? Does it make an effective seal?
  • Are the staff educated around all the aspects of their RPE? Do they know that facial hair will interfere with the effectiveness of the RPE? Do we have a plan or strategy to manage this?
  • When is Fit testing of Respiratory protective equipment needed? How often will this be done?

QLFT Mask Fit Testing

If your staff are exposed to dust or other breathable hazards, and use masks or respirators – these need to be fit tested annually to protect worker health.

Get your team fit tested BEFORE you invest in gear that may not fit them! We have a range of models and sizes in our testing stock which means they can try before you buy.

Hemisphere Health offers Qualitative (hood method) Fit testing. Our team member can come to you and are trained by the New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society (NZOHS) in adherence to the Commit2Fit testing programme. Each test takes between 20-40 minutes and we can test 2 workers at one time for the added efficiency of getting through your team.

We can also offer advice on appropriate RPE choices and train your team members how to wear, check and store their RPE, ensuring they stay protected.

Worksafe has a helpful resource for workplaces on RPE management here.

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