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Workstation Assessments

Minimising pain, discomfort and injuries in the workplace.

Hemisphere Health Workstation Assessments are carried out by a physiotherapist who is specialised in minimising pain, discomfort and musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace.

What we do

We provide a practical approach to optimise the way workers interact with their computer and/or machines to remain comfortable and productive in their daily work tasks.

Work task assessments:

  • Assess a workers environment and tasks including specific movements, positions, loads and repetitions
  • These are helpful when there are injury, pain or discomfort issues with a worker or to understand a specific work task and manual handling risks

Office workstation assessments:

  • Individual or group education covering seated work habits, postures and practical things workers can do to minimise pain and discomfort
  • Worker discussion and advice for specific issues, self management or prevention strategies
  • Individual workstation assessments with on the spot alterations as much as practical
  • Optional reporting

What our clients say

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