What people are saying about Hemisphere Health

“We chose to work with Hemisphere Health because there is no one else offering the ‘complete package’ service that they have. A number of our staff have been referred to Hemisphere Health for treatment after injuring themselves at work. The feedback has been very positive from everyone who has been there and there has been a reduction in the number of days that staff are off work.”   Colin Brown|ITM Nelson
“We have been referring clients and conducting the occasional pre-employment hearing, visions and spirometry for Hemisphere Health throughout this year. We have found the practitioners to be thoroughly professional, approachable and friendly.”   Peter Bird|Precious People
“The team at Hemisphere Health are there for our business whenever we have a staff member that needs a health assessment or intervention. This is enabling us to support our people to continue to do healthy work for us. We are only at the start of this journey and I am excited to see where our partnership with Hemisphere Health will take us as a business that really cares for the safety and wellness of its people.”   Michelle Dykstra|MLC Group
“I wish all of my interactions with the medical profession were this good.”   Client feedback