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Workplace Injuries and Physiotherapy

Our team of Doctors, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists can help you to manage workplace injuries from start to finish. Help your workers to remain productive at work. Get fast access to medical care and rehabilitation, avoid ACC levy loading and the costs of lost time injuries.

Injury Management services include:

  • Physiotherapy treatment
  • Medical review and certification
  • Return to work planning and support
  • Onsite Physiotherapy services

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Support your teams mental health, wellbeing & workplace relationships. Confidential and local employee and manager support

Services include:

  • EAP – Confidential in person counselling for workers with stress, anxiety or other mental health issues that are affecting work attendance, safety or performance.
  • Onsite counselling – support your staff with one of our counsellors onsite at your workplace
  • Mental Health First Aid – A 3 hour practical workshop for small groups to gain confidence to support Mental Health & Wellbeing in the workplace.


Pre-employment Medicals that are tailored to your business and job role significantly reduce hiring risk. This can save you time and money. Our Physios put the candidate through a physical capacity assessment for the actual job demands they will be facing, our Doctors assess medical risk for the job role. We provide practical management recommendations to the employer with a written report within 24hrs of appointment.

Services include:

  • Medical & Functional Risk Assessment: Physical capacity assessment specific for job role combined with medical assessment of health history to identify and communicate increased risk for a specific job role
  • Comprehensive: includes medical, functional, base line lung function and hearing tests
  • Drug and alcohol screen optional in all assessments
  • Mask Fit testing recommended if RPE is required for the role

Health Monitoring

A regulatory requirement under the HSWA2015 –Health Monitoring Health also known as, Health Checks or Exposure Monitoring. This is the screening of an employee’s health in relation to workplace health hazards, commonly dust, noise, fumes, sprays, chemicals.
We can come to your worksite or see your staff in our clinic.

Services include:

  • Audiometry – hearing screening is required for noisy environments to detect early hearing loss and to prevent further damage
  • Spirometry – lung function testing is essential for dusty or fumy workplaces or for those who work with concrete, silica, or asbestos
  • Biological monitoring – urine screen for work with sprays and/or other hazardous substances
  • Baseline Testing – Best practice begins with a baseline assessment of an employee’s health to identify current function and any pre-existing deficits and should be undertaken within 4 weeks of employment commencing

Medical Reviews

Occupational Specialist Medical assessment and communication to manage mental/physical health or injury issues affecting work attendance, safety or productivity.

Services include:

  • Health and wellbeing review – helpful when capacity or performance issues are present in the workplace due to health and clarification, or assistance is needed to support a worker
  • Specialist fitness for work assessments – Specialist Doctor provides management advice, work restrictions and capacity including H&S advice, both in a report and verbally
  • Medicolegal Case Review – Appropriate when a health issue has been impacting work capacity for some time despite workplace support and rehabilitation attempts.

H&S Training

Get the best quality Health and Wellbeing training by Health Professionals. Give your team the skills and knowledge they need to effectively support the mental and physical, health and safety of your staff.

Services include:

  • Mental Health First Aid – A 3 hour practical workshop for small groups to learn basic skills to Notice, Ask and Act. Find out more here >
  • Manual handling and task risk management – Understand the manual handling risk relevant to your business and what you can do to reduce it.
  • H&S presentations – Tailored presentations relevant to your workplace ie Safe Start
  • Manual Handling and Body Awareness
  • Working Safely with Dusts & Fumes

H&S Advisory Service

Are you feeling confused about some elements of Health & Safety in your workplace? Or do you simply not have enough time to get across it? Would you like to get some external expert input or support? Hemisphere Health has qualified and HASANZ registered advisors who can help you meet your HSWA obligations.

Services include:

  • Ongoing contracted support for co-ordination & advisory services
  • On off assistance with a specific issue / policy / procedure / JSA / SOP
  • Assessment of workplace Health & Safety Management system with prioritised recommendations for improvement

Workstation Assessments

A practical intervention with our Physiotherapists to optimise the way workers interact with their work tasks whether this is a computer, machine or a tool. The goal is to optimise body mechanics and efficiency, helping workers remain comfortable and productive in their daily work.

Services include:

  • Individual or group education – Tailored to your workplace including optimal work habits, postures and practical things staff can do to minimise pain and discomfort
  • Individual worker injury advice + assessment – On the spot alterations as much as practical
  • Written report if desired – to document workstation changes, worker advice and any equipment recommendations
  • Posters, stretching programme and postural reminders for your workplace

How we care for your team

Hemisphere Health is your complete workplace health and wellbeing partner. Our services assess, promote and manage health & safety and provide practical and cost-effective health, wellbeing and injury solutions for businesses and their people.

Hemisphere Health is a diverse group of Specialist workplace Doctors, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Technicians and Counsellors all working together as one team to help you understand and solve the health issues that can affect your staff.

Our Counsellors and Coaches provide counselling services including EAP to support workers with personal issues affecting work, work stress affecting productivity, or work attendance.

Our Occupational Health Physiotherapists help you prevent injuries with practical workplace training and treatment for pain and discomfort early, reducing the likelihood of an ACC claim and/or lost time.

COACH your team to achieve a safe and healthy workplace

ASSIST to understand compliance responsibilities and legislations

REDUCE costs due to sickness and injury (ACC levies, fines and recruitment)

ENSURE effective management of hazards, risks, incidents and injuries

SUPPORT efficient recovery from injury or illness

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