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We would like to express our satisfaction and gratitude for the exceptional service provided by Hemisphere Health. At Pic’s Peanut Butter, ensuring the well-being of our production team is paramount and for many years, Hemisphere Health has played a crucial role through our annual health monitoring and now respirator fit testing.

We have used other qualified respirator fit testing companies in past, but chose to move to Hemisphere Health as soon as this service was available. Josie’s level of knowledge and her ability to communicate and train has made a marked difference in the level of engagement we got from our team. Josie also identified and corrected inconsistencies we had from the previous testing.

The level of professionalism and expertise exhibited by Josie and Hemisphere Health is truly commendable. Josie is incredibly approachable and accommodating. From the very beginning of our partnership, Hemisphere Health has taken the time to understand our production environment and tailor their services to our specific needs.

Hemisphere Health consistently go above and beyond to ensure that our team receive the highest standard of care. Their prompt response to our inquiries, flexibility in scheduling, review of test results by an Occupational Medicine Specialist, and the clear and concise reporting have made the entire process seamless and stress-free for our organization.

We cannot recommend Josie or Hemisphere Health highly enough for their outstanding services. They have become an integral part of our commitment to our people, and we have no doubt that their expertise and professionalism will be an asset to any organization fortunate enough to work with them.

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