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5 Things you can do NOW for a healthier workplace

1. Refresh the computer stations

Keyboard – align with monitor to minimise twisting

Monitor – should be at arm’s length with eye height aligning about two thirds up the screen. Dual monitors should be adjacent to each other and angled in slightly toward the user with both screens being the same height

Desk Surface – should be at elbow height

Chair Height – thighs should be horizontal to floor with feet resting comfortably on floor

Backrest – should fit the curve of the spine

2. Take a walk at Lunch Time

Refresh and de-stress! Getting out of the office or workplace for 10-15 minutes to take in some fresh air has remarkable impact on your brain and body health as well as productivity. Find a partner or go solo but someone to drag you away from the computer while you are concurrently eating and checking emails is a real help.

3. Promote an OPEN-DOOR policy

One on one conversations can be useful and there are some people who feel more willing to speak candidly in a confidential setting. If you don’t have an open door policy think about implementing one, if you do already have one, now is a great time to remind your staff about it

4. Get Social!

Health and wellbeing is all about culture and people feeling good. Bring a bit of fun into the workplace. The mission here is simple: create fun events! There are always some great organisers on every team, go find them and start planning

5. Encourage self-awareness

You know yourself and your workers do too. We don’t always listen or take notice of our body and mind reminding us to take it easy or take a break, or that little voice that says maybe you are getting a bit over tired and stressed. Workers with stress and fatigue are involved in significantly more incidents and injuries. Remind yourself and your workers to stay within their limits and recognise the signs of burnout or unhealthy stress

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